Jackson County Commission plans to develop an official website

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - "We constantly talk about transparency in government, and to me, through putting the information out there through these different media sources is how we share that transparency."

After several requests from community members, the Jackson County Commission has a proposal to create an official website.

"Websites are really good when someone that is looking for the first time, trying to get in contact for the first time, you know wants that communication with the county," says Commissioner Hodges.

The website will include event information, resolutions as well as the minutes from the board meetings. It'll also act as a hub for the whole county.

"The Chamber of Commerce, EDA, our school system ... when someone is looking for information on Jackson County, whether you're a business or resident looking to move here, you want to get enough information as quickly as possible."

The Commission is more than excited about the creation of this new site because it gives them a chance to share information but also get the citizens of Jackson County involved.

"Not only do we want to know what the citizens of this county want to see from their commission, from their elected offices and what they want to see for the county. We want the citizens to see what we're doing with the tax payers dollars," says Commissioner Hodges.

The Commission hopes to develop an app with the website as well. They plan to have the site up and running within the next five months.