Power Project: Check your home for leaks, save money on your bill

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Families are always looking to save money. Cutting the electric bill down can certainly be a big help.

But, what can you do to accomplish that? Nexus Energy can help. They can do an energy audit on your house.

"When we pull negative pressure on your house through a fan and a tent on your front door, we can actually see and feel the air leaks in your house," explains Ruchi Singhal, CEO and Founder of Nexus Energy. "While the blower door is running, we use a special tool called an infrared camera. With the infrared camera, the red shows you areas where the hot air is coming in, and the blue shows the areas where the cold air is coming in."

That allows home owners to know exactly where they need to make repairs or improvements to their homes.

"It's a scientific test," says Singhal. "And the cool part is, you can do one before and after you make these repairs on your home to find out exactly how much energy you should be saving after you get an energy audit done on your house."

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