DeKalb County School System invests in technology for its students

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. — The DeKalb County School System is investing in technology for its students.

The movement started off three years ago with a learning initiative called Connecting Champions. “We started out with our goal, which was to get students involved with as much technology as possible including their own,” said Assistant Superintendent Brian Thomas.

The system encouraged students to bring in their own devices to use in class, monitoring and limiting the internet access, and providing devices to students who couldn’t bring in their own. The idea is to teach with books and technology, and that initiative is expanding.

“This year we have several actual digital classrooms, where before it would have just been the normal, everyday math class, now it’s a math class, but taught on Chromebooks completely as a one – to – one environment in those classrooms,” Thomas explained.

The system bought new devices for various classrooms across different age groups. The next step is to provide teachers with the technology tools that they need to further the initiative. “Smart boards, whether it is interactive type learning lessons, whatever it is that the teacher needs to impact the students, that’s our next goal,” Thomas said.

He adds the kids get excited  about learning this way and respond well. “Technology is a high priority for us in DeKalb County and we’re going to continue to move in that direction,” Thomas said.