DeKalb Co. School System put plan in place to address Crossville High School’s failing status

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CROSSVILLE, Ala. -- Leaders with the DeKalb County School System put a plan in place to improve the status of Crossville High School. It's on a list of schools deemed to be failing, released last month.

"That's based on the ACT Aspire results. Now, Crossville is just a high school, 9 through 12, so only the 10th grade took that test. So, it's one measure, one grade level,"  Assistant Superintendent Brian Thomas explained.

The DeKalb County School System put a plan in place to respond. Thomas says they're using that response as a positive opportunity. "It's just an opportunity for us to take a good look at it," Thomas said. "What supports can we provide, what can we do to help them become the  school that they want to be."

The system formed a support team, working with local and State leaders. "Our goal is to create a comprehensive plan that will help support them both from the State level all the way down to the local level and then at the school itself," Thomas explained.

Part of the response is to help better prepare the students. "We want to make sure they have the same opportunity to understand what the test is about," Thomas says, "What is it like to take the test, not necessarily teaching to the test, but making sure that it's not unexpected when they get ready to take the test."

There are professional development training opportunities in the works as well. "We're looking at the school as a whole. We're also looking into that specific area to see where we can help," Thomas said.

Columbia High School and Lee High School in Huntsville and North Jackson High School in Jackson County also made the list.

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