Just how far will a football go in space? #spacebowl

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The countdown clock is ticking down to kick off for Super Bowl LI this Sunday. A lot of fans are prepping game day snack menus and wondering which commercial will be the best.  But there are some football fans who have a little free time, and a little less gravity, who are wondering just how far a football can fly through space. And they are smart enough to figure it out for us.

The International Space Station, NASA, and the astronauts are all getting in on the fun with Twitter posts using #spacebowl. They programmed a space helper robot called Robonaut to call plays.  Can you guess his signals?

They are dropping interesting fun facts like how far the ISS will travel during the game!  They are speeding along at 17,500 mph and will travel around the planet twice during the game.

Did you know that the International Space Station is nearly a whole football field long?

The Mars launches have the skills of a QB leading a receiver when they aim for where the planet will be.

The Orion Crew Module can fit 4,625 footballs inside and they say that is enough to play 192 NFL games.  That is a lot of pig skins.

Astronaut Butch Wilmore proved to astronaut Leland Melvin the last time they were on the ISS that a free safety blitz is nothing compared to a 17,500 MPH tackle!

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