Want to get a final look at Madison Square Mall? Here it is

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The heyday of the Madison Square Mall has passed, but city developers say a bright future is on the horizon. On Thursday morning, the group redeveloping the mall's property, RCP Companies, invited WHNT News 19 and other local media outlets to photograph and record one final look at the inside of the Madison Square Mall.

In December, the Huntsville City Council gave the approval to tear down the mall and begin the redevelopment process into MidCity Huntsville. But, if the walls inside the mall could talk, they would probably speak of first dates, Christmas shopping and childhood. Madison Square served as a Huntsville staple for decades.

"Everyone that we speak to is looking forward to seeing this site re-purposed, and they're kind of sad to see where it's gone," said Odie Fakhouri, Director of RCP Companies.

RCP opened up the main floor to journalists one last time before February's demolition starts, and a chance for new memories begins.

"We spent lots of time meeting with various community organizations in the design and the various uses that people wanted to see here," Fakhouri said.

Now, the nostalgia has taken the place of the once-crowded stores and escalators. But, those with RCP Companies promise the plans for this property are full of vitality, excitement and opportunity for the community and its visitors.

"I think that it really validates the spirit of Huntsville, and the spirit of the individual in Huntsville," Fakhouri said.

As plans move forward for new developments, developers hope everyone holds onto their memories while looking forward to a new future.