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Undefeated Bob Jones Patriots Racing Team prepares to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - An undefeated streak is taking the Bob Jones Patriots all the way to Indianapolis! This May, the teamwill race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a chance to race in the Indy 500 Greenpower Race.

"It's going to give us the publicity that we need in order to get the sponsorship that we'd like to have so we can expand our team and eventually get a custom car, or another kit car," Sophomore Project Manager Jacob Hasenyager.

The greenpower racing team relies on their own fundraising and support from corporate sponsors like Kris Kasprzak with Siemens.

"There's just a wealth of knowledge at companies on engineering, marketing, how to build a team, how to run a team, project management," Kasprzak said. "A lot of that gets lost in school because they're learning typical academic-type things."

To earn their top spot, Patriots racing members meet two or three times a week, including some weekend days. It's fun to hang out together, but they also learn a lot about their product.

"The F-24 cars, they're shipped from England and you can modify them within certain rules," Sophomore Blake Young said.

"You get the big metal frame and then you get six batteries, a motor, all the stock wiring, Sophomore Adam Bastien said. "You get everything that you would need to build the car except for the body."

The greenpower racing team from James Clemens High School will join the students from Bob Jones in Indy for the race.