Bail Bonds company reacts to The Madison County Jail system being down

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- Friday marks one week since the Madison County Jail's computer system crashed.

All-Out Bail Bonds owner Alan Carrasquillo has never seen The Madison County Jail system down for an extended number of days. He said it's been down a few hours, even a day, but never for almost an entire week. "Usually it takes an hour to two hours to get somebody out, now we're seeing anywhere from four to six hours," Carrasquillo said.

It's a long process, but said he knows The Madison County Sheriff's Office is working around the clock to fix the problem. "I can`t even imagine how much work they`re trying to do right now because everything has to be checked, doubled checked. It all has to be hand written," Carrasquillo said.

The biggest issue for Carrasquillo is the jail's website being down. The website's "Jail View" feature is where people can look at charges and bond amounts. Since the system crashed it's requiring all bail bonds companies to call the jail to ask for inmates' charges and bond amounts.

Carrasquillo said the public can help speed up the process of inmate release by calling bail bonds companies instead of calling the jail. "The more the public is trying to call, the harder it is for us to get a hold of someone at the jail. So I have to call and call, until I get somebody on the phone," Carrasquillo explained.

The Madison County Jail administrator said they're working to fix the problem.