Winter is over, or is it?

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Huntsville recorded 81 hours of subfreezing temperatures in an 82-hour period from 11 PM Thursday (Jan. 5) to 9 AM Monday (Jan. 9).  Wind chills were near zero, actual air temperatures fell into the 0s and 10s, and we had a little snow in the higher terrain.

Is that it?

Usually when the January thaw sets in, we hear the drumbeat of ‘winter is over.’  Well, the thaw is here, and it’s going to last a while.  In fact, it would not take much for us to have record warmth this weekend.

The record high temperatures for Saturday and Sunday are 71ºF (2007) and 75ºF (1947). We won’t get that kind of heat unless we break out into full sunshine for a few hours in the afternoon, but it could get close. Expect highs in the upper 60s with some clouds and some sun as well as a slim chance of some showers in the area.

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The Ridge: big warmth in mid-January

The Ridge: big warmth in mid-January

So that’s all, huh?

No, not exactly. It may not get to 11ºF again, but the weather pattern likely shifts toward a colder, drier set-up after January 23rd. In other words, it’s not ‘all.’

This pattern lasts for a couple of weeks into early February, then another prolonged above-average period may set in for a while.

Will it actually snow some? Too soon to know. All we can see right now is the shift in the colder areas and warmer areas later this month.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another winter weather threat or two in the last week of January through the first part of February. A few ensemble members spit out more than 2-3″ of snow in that time frame; others don’t give us a snowball’s chance.

That’s the fun part of it all, though. Sometimes you have to pass through it before you find out what’s in it. Where have I heard that before?

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