Family ties run deep for Alabama’s Defensive Coordinator

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TAMPA, Fla. - Few men share as special of a bond as Alabama Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and his father Dale. It's safe to say they share more than just a last name.

As a coach himself, Dale may understand better than most, Jeremy's struggles and triumphs as a coach.

“Our whole family spends a lot of time and it’s usually around sports," says Dale.

To say Alabama Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt grew up on the sidelines, may not give it justice.

“He was a manager as soon as he was big enough to be one, a ball boy. He’s not a hunter, not a fisherman, he’s always been pretty much sports," he says.

Dale is currently the head coach of Albertville High School, his youngest son is one of his defensive coordinators, so you can imagine the topic of choice around the dinner table.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or whatever. Football is usually a big part of the conversation," says Dale.

To the point, Jeremy's sister used to complain.

“She used to say every once and a while 'Football, football, football! We eat and sleep football. Can we talk about anything else?'" says Dale.

That focus on Football has lead Jeremy to four National Championship appearances during his coaching career.

At Media Day, Jeremy told us he and his father watch a lot of film together. Naturally, he looks to his father as a role model. “I think it’s important, if you treat kids the right way they’ll play hard for ya, and I think that’s one of the most important things I’ve learned from him," says Jeremy.

In his own way, it's evident Dale greatly admires his son.

“I think he’s genuine. I think that’s why he relates so well to the young men he coaches," says Dale.

So, to say he's bursting with pride to be able to watch is son coach on one of the most prestigious sidelines in football, well that's probably an understatement too. “We’ve enjoyed it, it’s been a really fun ride, and we’re proud and tickled to be here," says Dale.