Scottsboro community hosts vigil for 18-year-old car crash victim

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. — "Such a smart girl, she was always so outgoing, she loved everybody, she was always happy like that girl never did not have a smile on her face," Savannah Young's friends said.

A girl who had so much life in her, that's how her best friends describe the 18-year-old. Young was in the prime of her life at the time of the crash. She was a recent high school graduate and a freshman at Northeast Alabama Community College.

Young's best friends said the news of her death was horrible. "When I found out, I just fell to my knees and started screaming," Sydney Strickland said.

"My body just went numb, and I didn't really know, I just didn't know how to feel," said Anna Phillips.

All of Savannah's friends said her death is still surreal, but they're trying to be positive. Even through the pain, Young's best friends and many from the Scottsboro community came together to host a prayer vigil for the one they love so dearly. The vigil was at a place she loved the most; the outdoors. "Savannah just loved the water and nature. She would always post pictures of sunsets," Phillips explained.

Savannah's friends, Sydney, Melyssa, Anna, and Dakota are struggling through the pain of losing someone so close to them, but they believe she's looking down on them smiling from above. "She's just saying thank you for making sure I didn't just pass, that I was remembered, and I hope she knows we are doing all of this to make her proud," Savannah's friend Dakota O'Rear said.

Savannah may be gone, but the Scottsboro community wants the world to remember her as a person who had a passion for singing, a heart full of love, and someone who had a smile so big that it would light up the sky.

Savannah Young's family has made a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses. If you would like to help click here.