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A House Divided: Huntsville residents split on who they’re supporting in Tampa

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TAMPA, Fla. - A sea of crimson and orange made up the crowd at Fan Central at the Tampa Bay Convention Center this weekend, but one local family that we found from Huntsville, features both colors and allegiances represented.

"It’s a blast, and either way it’s a lot of fun and just a great experience to enjoy together," says Chad Edwards.

Chad is a proud Clemson graduate and long-time Huntsville resident, in Tampa this weekend with his daughter, who was raised to cheer for the Tigers.  “I grew up going to more Clemson games than I did Alabama games," says Reagin.

When it came time to pick a college, however, Reagin nabbed an Alabama "A" instead of a paw-print, meaning her father cheers for Clemson, but writes out checks to Alabama.  “Yeah, so I feel like I have the right to wear and sit anywhere on either side I want," jokes Chad.

A loving father, he will root for the Tide most days, and has even been spotted wearing crimson at a Bama game or two, but not Monday, or last year when he and his longtime friend, Steve, attended last year's National Title game.

“Most of the Alabama fans are awesome. Most of the Clemson fans are awesome. We had a great experience last year so we expect nothing different this year," says Steve Below.

So while they are a house divided, there may not be a whole lot of smack talk. “Maybe not because I have to go home with him," says Reagin.

Mainly, because they're good enough sports to put fandom aside in the spirit of spending quality time together.

“Just spend time with this guy and old friends I’ve known since I was little," says Reagin.

While a majority of football fans cheer for Alabama or Auburn around here, according to the President of the Clemson North Alabama Alumni Chapter, there are about 250 Clemson alumni that live in Huntsville, alone.