Roads in northern Lauderdale County left slippery after morning snow

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. - Northwest Alabama was the first area to start seeing wintry precipitation early Friday morning. But it wasn’t until mid-morning that roads quickly deteriorated with snow showers.

It was just before 9 A.M. when flurries began falling in downtown Florence. At the same time, snow fall was a bit heavier to the north.

In a swatch which covered northern Lauderdale County within ten miles of the Tennessee state line, secondary roads got bad, pretty quickly.

Eric Hill / Lauderdale County Engineer

Eric Hill / Lauderdale County Engineer

“Just be careful and only get out if you have to,” stated Lauderdale County Engineer Eric Hill. “From me being out this morning (Friday), I think stopping has been the biggest issue. It is pretty slick when you try to stop.”

How bad? At 15-mph, I slid several feet after applying my brakes on County Road 47 near Rogers School.

Hill said the Lauderdale County Road Department has been treating several routes with calcium-chloride. As it melts slick spots away, there are still a lot of roads they won’t be able to treat.

“We’ll just monitor right before dark tonight to see how wet the road conditions are and see what the freezing is,” explained Hill. “It’s not going to be above freezing today, so a lot won’t change overnight.”

So Hill is warning drivers to avoid traveling on roads which were coated with packed snow. Freezing conditions overnight and Saturday will do very little to help thaw things out.

The Lauderdale County Road Department will likely be out on Saturday treating secondary roads which seem to be the worst after Friday’s snow.

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