Parents React to Cancellations before Winter Weather came to the Tennessee Valley

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Colder weather has hit the Tennessee Valley. It's currently under a winter weather advisory, and many are hoping to see snow on the ground; especially 3-year-old Amara Downy.

"When it snows, I like to throw a snowball at my mom, dad, brother, and sister," Downy said.

Snow ball fights weren't happening in Huntsville today, but there were some flurries. With the clear roads and hardly any snow in the early afternoon, many people are wondering why places shut down early.

Some parents like Amara's mom, Sara Downy, thinks it's great places are taking the appropriate precautions even though roads are fine. "You know, you just worry about their safety when you have so many kids on a bus," Downy said.

Downy along with several other parents brought their kids out to Parkway Place Mall to play while their school or daycare was shutdown.

Parent John Stursma grew up in Iowa and said in the past he thought it was silly when everything closed down in the South, but now he gets it. "I can see where it falls apart even though there`s not a lot of snow, I can see where the city can be a complete mess," Stursma said.

Even though everything was canceled early it seems as if these parents don't mind, and these kids are going to soak up an extra day of fun.

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