Madison Public Works gearing up to keep roads clear during winter weather

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MADISON, Ala. --The Tennessee Valley doesn't see snow often, so when it does it's easy to be unsure of driving conditions. Madison Public Works is here to help and they're taking steps to ensure our roads are as safe as possible today.

Madison Public Works manager Mike Gentle said they make sure to be prepared to get out and clear the roads in the event of icy conditions.

"We are still on standby just making sure all the equipment, we'll make sure everything's warmed up, everything's gassed up. If we do start getting snow, of course the bridges and overpasses will be the first thing to get snow on it," said Gentle.

They treat the roads with a sand mix which just gives drivers better traction, it doesn't melt the ice. Because of this, they ask that you still be careful.

"All we ask is people slow down. If you slow down, you won't be sliding," he said.

Madison Public Works will have someone manning the phones, so if you see an icy spot they encourage you to call. However, Gentle asks the public keep in mind they can't be everywhere.

"We can't treat all the roads in the city of Madison but we try to treat the main roads. The reason we do that is to make sure all of our first responders can go somewhere safely," he said.

With the air temperature already below freezing, Gentle and his crew are keeping an eye on some easily frozen roads.

"565 and Wall Triana overpass is usually one of the first ones to freeze, because there's a lot of air that runs underneath the bridge, " said Gentle.

The County Line Road railroad bridge and Hughes Road overpass are also some of the first to ice up, so use caution when driving across those Friday and through the weekend.

Madison Public Works has crews working longer shifts through the weekend in order to be prepared for whatever might happen.

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