Jackson County Sheriff’s Office prepares for the winter weather

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is prepared to tackle any challenges this weekend's weather may bring. They've already prepped their emergency vehicles for use if the sand mountain area receives some ice and snow.

"We first make sure our four-wheel drives are running. We have a Humvee, a military Humvee that'll pretty much go anywhere. And it's available for deputies use if the roads get too bad," said Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen.

"And we have several four-wheel drives and all wheel drive vehicles. we make sure all of those are available in these types of events."

Not only is equipment ready, but they also have extra personnel on call.

"We put guys on stand by in case we need more assistance out there answering calls. People that live on the mountain it's sometimes easier for them to go to a call on the mountain rather than somebody that's down the mountain to go up," said Chief Deputy Harnen.

The Sheriff's Office wants you to be prepared as well. Make sure you have food and water and other essential items. This keeps you safe and helps them also.

"When the weather gets bad it's not time for everybody to get out and be riding around and playing in the roads, especially in the initial parts. The roads are dangerous, so more people that are out there more accidents happen."

So if you can, try to stay in your homes if the weather does get bad.

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