Huntsville family gets creative when Mother Nature doesn’t deliver snow

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A lot of children in Madison County woke up this morning hoping to play in the snow and found nothing.

So what is a parent to do?

One Huntsville family got creative to satisfy their disappointed 8-year-old and made their own snow.

Allison Smith Click went live on Facebook to show off her husband Michael’s handiwork. He rigged a┬áhomemade snow machine using a pressure washer, a hose and a ladder.

It is no surprise that an engineer from Huntsville would be able to design a solution when Mother Nature didn’t deliver.

The accumulation was just a little more than a dusting, but that was plenty for 8-year-old Campbell to make snow angels.

Their house quickly became the most popular on the block with eleven kids showing up for their best attempts at sledding and snow ball fights.

After about 9 hours, the snow making was over when the pressure washer conked out.


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