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Pony Up Daddy a Deal

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It's one of the more quirky items we've tested on Deal or Dud.

The item is called Pony Up Daddy.    It's a saddle/harness contraption that allows parents or grandparents to give kids or grandkids "pony rides."

The parents or grandparents play the role of "the pony."

The test we showed worked pretty well.  One dad gave his daughter "pony rides" and it worked great.  The daughter weighed about 50 pounds. The one thing you need to keep an eye on is the security of the strap. The rowdier the ride gets, the Pony Up Daddy  can loosen up a bit.

But the rating for Pony Up Daddy is a Deal!  We would love to hear your experience with Pony Up Daddy!  Email us at the Deal or Dud section of WHNT.COM.    You can also use the WHNT app to tell us!