Huntsville Police Dept. begins selection process for new anti-crime task force

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Huntsville Police Department is using the experience of several veteran officers to help stop crime in local neighborhoods through the creation of the anti-crime task force.

"Our goal is to ultimately reduce crimes in the city," Lt. Stacy Bates said. "To try to reduce some of the crime that occurs throughout the city, whether that be low-level crimes or your more serious felony or violent crimes."

The new anti-crime task force will be a unit attached to the Criminal Investigations Division.

"They're going to be the street investigators," Lt. Bates said. "They're going to be out patrolling, helping investigators track down suspects, offenders, but also help in the communities and the precincts where they may be having issues in certain neighborhoods or certain parts of town, whether it be with burglaries or car break-ins, whatever crime it may be, we can focus those guys on that area of town and it doesn't take away from patrol."

As for a plan, Huntsville Police is seeking guidance from community partners.

"We're really not throwing anything off the table right now," Lt. Bates explained. "It's an open end. We do have a great relationship with the community, we have a lot of active community watch groups."

The Huntsville City Council approved the reassignment of several officers to make up the new team.

"Our anti-crime team is going to be comprised of a senior supervisor," Lt. Bates said. "All the officers that are selected for the team will be senior veteran police officers."

Lt. Bates explained it is a lengthy selection process as officers must apply, meet certain requirements, interview, and have a review of their personnel file.
Bates predicts the task force should hit the streets by February.

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