Huntsville City Schools monitoring weather conditions through the rest of the week

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HUNTSVILLE,  Ala. - The weather is taking a chilly turn again, dropping to the low 20s on Thursday. There's a slight chance of snow or flurries in the forecast, which means there's a chance of slick conditions.

You know how this works. Kids hear "snow" and they think "no school."  School officials said as of right now they have no plans to do that. However, they will continue to monitor the conditions throughout the week.

Keith Ward, spokesperson for Huntsville City Schools, said currently, based on predictions, they don't have any concerns about weather.

"We'll have members of our weather safety team that will be in constant contact with local officials. We'll monitor weather conditions," he said.

Ward said for parents concerned about icy conditions on school property, they take steps to ensure it's as safe as possible.

"We do have things at each school site that we can dissolve or chip away if there's little patches of ice on the sidewalk or parking lot, that sort of thing," he explained.

He said they take their weather cues from local officials. If roads are closed, or there are travel problems, the school takes that into account.

"They'll be out on the main roadways before sunrise to check road conditions if they feel that there are things that are changing that we may have to make a decision about," said Ward.

On those days they then have their transportation team report back on a conference call that takes place at 5 a.m.

"And then based on that information we can have the superintendent make a decision if we have to have changes.  And then we'll have that notification out before 6 a.m."