Baby gets a new nursery after ‘Short Grandma’ viral video catches furniture company’s attention

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A local grandma became a YouTube celebrity overnight, just by putting her granddaughter to bed.

The baby monitor camera caught the funny mishap in action and on Wednesday, the embarrassing moment paid off.

An unsuspecting grandma was just trying to lay her granddaughter Lola in her crib. "I had put her down the same way I had so many other times before but this time was different," said grandmother Valerie Sharp.

"I got a little top-heavy and toppled into the crib with her." said Sharp The crib was a little too tall for this 5' tall grandma, and it was all caught on camera.  The viral video has been viewed more than 3 million times.

"We would have never seen it had she not told us about it." The video reached Smartstuff Furniture.

"We saw the video, everyone got a good chuckle but for us it is 'Ok, how can we make this safer?'" said Neil MacKenzie of Smartstuff Furniture.

They decided to give the Bishops a brand-new nursery and crib, "For a smarter easier bedtime for the Bishops."

The moment of truth, though, relies with grandma, "I'm hoping it will be a lot easier for me," said Sharp.

No more viral videos will be coming from this room anytime soon, but grandma is happy she made quite the impression.

"I'm happy for this to have happened even though it was embarrassing because I think so many people have had a smile out of it," she said.

All of the Smartstuff Furniture is designed to be safe for young children and will actually grow with baby Lola.

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