The Decatur father who was surprised with Peach Bowl Tickets, watches the Tide win in Atlanta

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WHNT) - The Crimson Tide victory tonight was made that much sweeter for a family out of Decatur, who surprised their father with Peach Bowl tickets for Christmas.

After posting the video on our Facebook page, the Turner's video went viral.

The Turner's made good on their promise, and took their father Winford to the game today. While only a few can say they witnessed the game in person, the Turner family says their favorite part was experiencing the game together.

"Oh it’s a dream come true getting to do something with the guys," says Winford, the recipient of the gift.

"Nothing like it, it’s just completely different," says Kevin Turner, one of Winford's sons.

The players probably couldn't hear them from the rafters, but that was of no concern to the four Turner boys.  "Here’s a lot more amazing because I’m here with my boys," says Kevin.

As with many families, as age grows higher, lives grow a part, so having the gang all together was a gift itself.

“Especially enjoying my dad’s face and being able to spend it with my brothers is really nice," says Cody Turner, Winford's middle son.

As passionate Bama fans, they would have had a ball, no matter the final score.

"It’s a good atmosphere, the Washington fans are great, the friendly smack talk, nobody’s mad at anybody," says Justin, Winford's eldest.

Thankfully for them, the Tide locked down a win over Washington.  "And we won tonight, getting ready for the national championship game, that’s the best thing in the world," says Winford.

They won't be making the flight to Tampa next weekend.  "I’m ready to go watch them play in a National Championship game now," says Kevin.

However, we're willing to bet, they won't miss a second of play, and they'll probably be watching it together.

Justin says they may not ever be able to top that Christmas present, but did say since the National Championship Game is hosted in Atlanta next year, 2018; if the Tide make an appearance, they plan to at least look for tickets.

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