The City of Fort Payne is working on a logging ordinance

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - The City of Fort Payne put a 90 day hold on all logging in the city. Now, that the 90 days is up. They're looking for a more permanent solution to regulate logging.

"We're going to try to at least attempt to come up with a compromise that everyone can live with," said Mayor Larry Chesser.

Recently, a new logging company purchased land on look out mountain and the residents in the area aren't happy.  "People, owners is that area objected to it from two stand points," said Mayor Chesser. "One was once the timber was cut there would be a lot of washing and erosion that would come down on their property."

They also don't like the timber trucks riding through their residential areas.

"Both from a safety stand point with the kids and also from a stand point with doing damage to residential roads that are not really built to handle that kind of traffic," said Mayor Chesser.

The logging company has already purchased the land, therefore, they cannot be stopped from cutting the trees. Mayor Chesser said they'll be working diligently in the new year to come up with a plan.

"We have a council meeting set up for the third Tuesday of this month that will be a town meeting style council meeting," said Mayor Chasser.  "And everybody that's interested in logging, pro or con, will be able to speak their opinions."

From there they'll make a decision.

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