Police prepare to patrol across the Tennessee Valley ahead of New Year’s weekend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It's all about the booms, bangs and fireworks on New Year's Eve. The Huntsville Police Department wants everyone to have a plan in place this year, before you leave the house.

"If you're going out to parties to celebrate the New Year, whether its company parties, whether it's just party with friends and family, just be responsible," said Lt. Stacy Bates.

But it's not just yourself you have to hold accountable behind the wheel, it's those on the road too.

"Watch what's going on with the other drivers so that you can react if there is someone that might be impaired or maybe is just not paying attention or whatever it may be," said Lt. Bates.

This year, Huntsville Police will use a different method of patrol compared to previous years.

"We'll do what we call saturation patrols and typically we know the areas that see high traffic," said Lt. Bates. "We know a lot of places where there may be experiencing some potential for drinking and driving."

Lt. Bates said there will be a couple of random checkpoints throughout the weekend, but the saturation patrol yields better results.

"As opposed to having ten or twelve officers stuck in one location, only being able to check those vehicles, we can spread those officers all across the city and be much more effective," said Lt. Bates.

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