DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center wants you to think twice when adopting for Christmas

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - "A pet is forever it's just not for the season."

Many look to buy pets for their families during the holidays, but the DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center wants you to be certain of your purchase.

"We've only adopted out about five pets this month so far. We do get a little bit more picky during the holidays, and in the interviewing process and everything to make sure that they are prepared for a new pet," said Leslie Ledbetter, director of the center.

Although pets may seem like the perfect gift, you must be prepared to take on one before you buy.

"You need to think it through completely. Don't let it be a spur of the moment decision," said Leslie. "Make sure that it's compatible with the other pets in your family and also your other family members."

Remember, when getting a pet from an adoption center, they are looking for long-term homes.

"We have in the past got a lot returned after Christmas. After a couple of months, we'll see that the puppies have gotten too big and they'll bring them back in. And that is not what we want at all. We want them to go to a forever home."