UPDATE: State inspector heading to MAPCO on County Line Road and US Highway 72 after finishing investigation in Huntsville regarding fuel mix-up

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Stacy Boshell, Director of Division of Weights and Measures with State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries confirmed a state inspector is on on his way to the MAPCO located on US Highway 72 and County Line Road for assessment of that gas station. Boshell could not confirm at that time whether that gas station pumped out the bad fuel.

The inspector finished checking the MAPCO gas station located at 905 Memorial Parkway NW on earlier on Tuesday morning. As of 11:15 a.m., Boshell confirmed the investigation is complete.

He said the department received a complaint about the fuel mix-up on Tuesday morning. It is protocol for the Department of Agriculture and Industries to send an investigator to the area for testing once a complaint is filed.

Boshell said the inspector did not find anything out of the ordinary during the investigation. He praised MAPCO for doing all the gas station could to rectify the situation. Boshell said the staff there pumped the bad fuel out as soon as they could. He said they are back to selling fuel again.

Boshell added official results of the investigation will be available once lab analysis is complete. He said to keep in mind, the fuel sampled now is taken after the diesel fuel would have been pumped out. But, he cannot make any sort of official statement until the official tests come back.

For anyone who believes they purchased the bad fuel, they can call (334)240-7133 to file a complaint.