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MAPCO customer says she’s glad MAPCO is taking responsibility for fuel mix-up

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Filling up your tank with gas is a routine task for many of us, but it turned into a headache for some who filled up at two Valley MAPCO gas stations.

The MAPCO station at Highway 72 and County Line Road in Madison and the one in Huntsville at University Drive and Memorial Parkway had a fuel mix-up. The unleaded pumps at these locations were actually pumping diesel.

For one customer, she was just filling up after work Monday evening.

Veronique Hereford stopped at the MAPCO off University so she wouldn't have to get gas the next morning. Although, she never thought the twenty dollars she spent on gas would have serious repercussions.

"Probably got a quarter-of a mile before it started sputtering and jerking," said Hereford.

She pulled over into a nearby parking lot to see her "check engine" light was on. She then started looking to Facebook for answers.

"I've been calling the store and they told me there was a situation and wouldn't really give me details, so I was just thinking it was water in the line and then I messaged MAPCO because I couldn't get answers and they told me that diesel had accidentally been put into the unleaded pumps," said Hereford.

Several tow trucks from different companies towed cars from the MAPCO gas station on University Drive as well as cars that were broken down after leaving the gas station.

Hereford says she's worried about the status of her car, but pleased that MAPCO is taking responsibility.

"I'm glad they're taking care of it," said Hereford. "They didn't deny it, they got right in there and started trying to fix stuff so I'm sure it will all be resolved to everyone's satisfaction...I hope so."

As of Tuesday afternoon, A MAPCO spokeswoman says customers are now able to pump clean fuel from both locations.