Huntsville Woman Receives Response from MAPCO After Mix Up

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A handful of people like Claire Johnson are experiencing the same car problems because of a mix-up at two local MAPCO gas stations. Johnson and her husband were heading out Monday evening when she stopped at the Huntsville MAPCO gas station to fuel up. "On our way we decided let`s just stop and top it off; what can the harm be? It`s just a regular everyday thing," Johnson said.

This regular everyday thing would soon cause trouble for Johnson and her husband. "As we were pulling away we noticed it was spurting a little bit, like there was a bad connection or it wasn't getting the fuel it needed," Johnson explained.

The couple didn't think much about the problems. They just purchased the car a week and a half ago; and thought well maybe the cold weather is causing the car to act up. They eventually reached their destination fine, but when they were leaving to go home their car wouldn't start.

Johnson eventually called a tow company and now it's in the shop. It wasn't until Tuesday morning she found out about the mix up of diesel and gasoline at two MAPCO locations. "A couple of people were talking about it on Facebook, and I saw WHNT News 19 had posted something about diesel fuel getting into the unleaded fuel pumps, and said that`s exactly what happened," Johnson said.

MAPCO says the stations affected are at University Drive and Memorial Parkway in Huntsville and the station at Highway 72 and County Line Road in Madison.

Johnson has been in talks with MAPCO through email. They've asked her for generic information and asked if she needed a rental car. She said MAPCO emailed her again and said they will provide her with a claim number that she can give to the dealership; to let them know that MAPCO will be covering all service expenses.

She said she will still get gas there because the company has owned up to their mistake, but it is really frustrating to deal with. MAPCO has since cleaned all fuel lines and have put in fresh fuel.

If you were affected by the mix up call MAPCO at (844) 413-4044.