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Fox Army Health Center evacuated Tuesday as safety precaution, no gas leaks detected

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Fox Army Health Center, on Redstone Arsenal (WHNT News 19 file)

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – There were reports in the early afternoon on Tuesday of the fire department being called to the Fox Army Health Center on Redstone Arsenal.

Earlier this month the health center was evacuated and closed for a day due to high levels of carbon monoxide. When several patients felt abnormally fatigued Tuesday afternoon, the health center was evacuated as a precaution.

“HEMSI and the Redstone Fire Department responded,” said Chris Colster, a public affairs official for Redstone Arsenal. “The fire department conducted testing for gas leaks and found no abnormal levels of carbon monoxide or any other condition that would cause symptoms.”

None of the health center’s patients were transported from the health center, and it reopened shortly after the inspection. The center will continue to operate for the remainder of the day.