Scottsboro Public Library holds an appreciation day for community members

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - The Scottsboro Library provided cookies, punch, and other holiday goodies for patrons visiting the library today. This was just a simple way for them to say thanks for everything the community has done for them.

"I think that sometimes everybody, especially this time of the year, we all get lost in the hustle and the bustle of the holiday season and we forget what's important. And for us as a library our patrons are what's important and we want them to know that they're appreciated every time they've come in," says Laura Pitts the library director.

The library is also excited about what they have planned for residents coming in the new year. Their goal is to appeal to an adult audience and provide them with just as many services as they do for the children.

"We want to start providing more outlets for adults in the community to come and use the facility whether it be for an author engagement, or maybe a crafting engagement, or something that's more on that level for them," says Pitts.

This appreciation day also gave residents a chance to mingle with the staff and maybe share an idea of what they'd like to see in their local library.

"If we have any patrons in the community that have an idea for something that they might like to see, or maybe that we've done before, or maybe they've been to another library and they want to know if doing that is even possible here... just give us a call," says Pitts.

"Contact us and let us know because we would love to have some input from the community on things they might want to see as well."

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