East Lawrence High appreciates unsung heroes with 12 Days of Giving

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. - A very popular Christmas carol about geese-a-laying helped bring gratitude to the halls of East Lawrence High.

Assistant Principal Casey Tate says they identified twelve groups of people they wanted to highlight and appreciate, and the students took it from there.

Twelve Days of Giving was born, and there were many students-a-working.

Each group, and the corresponding gift, was linked to the song.

The first day was for senior citizens.

"For a partridge in a pear tree, they prepared fruit baskets, and we delivered those," explained Tate.

Also on the list: the school board, the custodian, the list keeps going.

"It just showed us to appreciate everyone and not take people for granted," explained senior and basketball player Brent Proctor. "For the lunch ladies we did maids-a-milking so we brought them cookies and milk and hot chocolate."

For the five golden rings, it went to Lawrence County deputies.

The rings were donuts, we know deputies like donuts," said Tate.

Knowing that everyone in the community, including students at the school, are at risk of going without, there was also an ongoing collection.

"The culminating activity is, through donations, we are going to feed multiple families in need this Christmas," explained Tate.

It's the first year of the project, and Tate says faculty members are already asking for it to return next December. Senior Proctor says it brought the student body closer, and made them appreciate something else about the holiday.

"Kids these days, when they think about Christmas they think 'Oh I'm getting presents,' but now we get to see the other side of it, how we can give back to the community and not just receive all the time, and be thankful for what we do have," he said.

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