Police: Priceville shooting victim is homeowner’s relative

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. - The investigation continues into a shooting in Priceville. Police were called out to a house on the corner of Bethel Road and Faye Drive around 3 pm Tuesday.  We know one man, 28-year-old Blake Hokette, was transported to Huntsville Hospital with a gunshot wound. It's unclear about his condition.

"Units responded, upon arrival, we found a white male laying on the ground on the front porch and another white male standing on the porch that indicated he was the shooter," explained Corporal Herman Davis.

“One subject has been transported. We do not know the status of the subject that was shot," says Corporal Jason Willbanks of Priceville Police.

Police confirm Hokette was shot in the head.

Law enforcement was on the scene for several hours combing through the house for clues.  "We still have a lot of people to talk to, things to go through. This will be doing on for several days at this point," says Corporal Willbanks.

Police say the shooter is 38-year-old Jeffery Lee Terry of Trinity. He is the boyfriend of the homeowner's daughter, officials say. They also say it's not the first time officers had been out to this house.

“Not pertaining to this, but we have had calls here before," says Willbanks.

Police say the daughter called police saying Hokette tried to break in the back door, and that's when Terry shot him.

But officials say that witness interviews reveal that narrative doesn't seem to be true.

"In the notes, it says that subject was attempted to break into the house," explained Corporal Davis. "Interviews don't match up with what was reported to 911."

Corporal Willbanks says all family members inside the house at the time, have been cooperative with investigators. Corporal Willbanks says situations like this can happen anywhere.

Jeffery Terry

Jeffery Terry

"It doesn't matter if you have a community with one 100 people in it, sometimes this is going to happen," he says.

Terry is charged with first-degree assault, a Class B felony. Officials say if Hokette passes away, the charges would likely be upgraded to murder.

He was released Wednesday on a $60,000 bond.

The incident remains under investigation.

The shooting happened on Bethel Road near Faye Drive.