Police in Muscle Shoals take to social media to discourage holiday theft

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. -- The Muscle Shoals Police Department is turning to social media to help discourage crime over the holidays.

121316-clint-reckAs people hit the shopping centers and department stores this holiday season, so does the criminal element. Muscle Shoals Police have a strong message to crooks: “If you’re going to steal, we prefer you not to, but if you are, don’t come to Muscle Shoals because we have zero tolerance,” stated Muscle Shoals Police Chief Clint Reck.

Reck said he was going through police reports on Monday and saw an alarming trend. He said shoplifting cases are on the rise.

So he took to Facebook, posting mug shots of people arrested for shoplifting in the last week.

121316-co-shoplifting-warning-630pm-pkg2“We’re going to put where you are from, to let people know that, hey, it’s not our citizens who are doing it,” Reck stated. “People are coming into our city and committing these crimes.”

Chief Reck said when someone steals something it hits everyone in the pocket-book with rising costs.

“We want our business owners to know that we’ve got their back and we are going to do what we have to do to make sure that we deter the crime. And if you are caught, we are going to prosecute you to the fullest.”

And posting your mug shot on Facebook for all to see? Chief Reck said that should definitely work as a deterrent.

Reck added that he must compliment loss prevention personnel at different stores in helping to catch shoplifters.

Those arrested for shoplifting will be prosecuted in Muscle Shoals Municipal Court.