Boys and Girls Club pairs with the Salvation Army for caroling

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - With Christmas right around the corner, the Ben Sanford Boys and Girls Club and the Jackson County Salvation Army are bringing tons of holiday cheer.  They've been practicing their Christmas carols for months and visiting nursing homes around Jackson County.

"For a lot of our residents, they don't have the physical ability to go out into the community. So to have the community come out to them and still be part of the community is very important," said Manda Mountain of Highlands Medical Center.

Something about the innocent hearts of children brings happiness to the seniors there.

"Seniors love children," said Mountain. "There's a special bond between seniors and kids, so to have to come out and take time to sing to our residents is one of the most joyful activities they have."

Highlands said they're more than grateful for the community's efforts during this time.

"A variety of people come in and entertain our residents, do different crafts and activities. Christmas season is all about giving, and we're so thankful that the community gives to us."

Their next singing event will be on Monday at the Cloverdale Nursing Home.