Parent of Brooks student raises concerns about bus driver

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KILLEN, Ala. - A parent of a Lauderdale County Schools student contacted us on Monday via social media, concerned about the safety of her child.

The parent said the school bus driver who transports her daughter to and from school was texting and using her cell phone while driving.

Heather, the parent who contacted WHNT News 19 said, “My daughter who is in 6th grade, gets off the bus just about every day and tells me her bus driver is constantly texting and driving while driving the bus.”

Taking Action for Heather, we went straight to the office of Fay Parker, Transportation Director for Lauderdale County Schools.

121216-fay-parker“Safety in our school system is number one, number one, nothing else,” stated Parker. “So, we will address it immediately.”

Parker said they have more than 100 bus routes system-wide every day. He added each bus driver has three training sessions a year. Parker said they spend quite a bit of time talking to drivers about not texting or talking on the phone while on the road.

“We’re all familiar with this,” Parker said. “There’s no excuse if it happens and that is the reason I say zero tolerance.”

121216-ld-bus-driver-issue-4pm-pkg2Parker said the school system has cameras on each school bus in the system. And although some of them may not be directly pointed at the driver, they can still tell if the driver is following the rules.

If a parent has concerns about their school bus driver, Parker said contact him directly.

“They’re hauling the most precious cargo in the world,” explained Parker. “So we just, we’re not going to tolerate it at all.”

The Lauderdale County school system said they will investigate all allegations concerning bus drivers, and terminate the driver immediately if they find evidence of breaking any policies.

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