Nelson Elementary Third Grade Kidcam!

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There’s a song that says something about rainy days and Mondays getting you down, but a rainy Monday in a drought  with some smiling Third Graders makes for a pretty good day!

Meet the Third Grade from Nelson Elementary School in Scottsboro!  I love to try to throw some curve balls while we’re talking about analyzing things, but it was tough to fool these students.  They’re bright, they’re very respectful, and they’re very ready for Christmas vacation!

We also touched on the myth that Scottsboro doesn't get tornadoes... - Jackson County, Alabama tornadoes - Jackson County, Alabama tornadoes

It's true that the city doesn't have a  long history with strong to violent tornadoes, but they have come close along the Tennessee River Valley and on Sand Mountain.  The odds of any one spot ever being hit by a tornado is fairly low (even in the usual 'hot spots' that seem to get them all the time); one of the main reasons I visit with students is to get the equipped to handle the situation just in case it is their town, their neighborhood, or their home in the path.

I love Third Graders.  I love Scottsboro.  And I love coffee (thanks for the gift of Starbucks, guys)!

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