Madison City Council soon to discuss new pool

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MADISON, Ala. - Since the Madison recreation center proposal failed this past summer, unable to get past construction agreements, there's been little word on the future of the pool at the center of its vision. It's been a project long desired by the Madison swim community.

The new city council and mayor will again get the ball rolling on the project, its future scope still unknown. Madison City Administrator for the Mayor, Taylor Edge, is working on some options for the council to consider.

"The school system is in need of a pool," he said, "so the first step is seeing if we can in fact solve that problem and how we can, as a city."

He said he's going to present the council and school board with the options he's developed next week.

"This is so we can educate ourselves on what are all our options, not just one. Is it a large option that's millions of dollars? Is it less than that?" Edge added that this upcoming meeting will be the first time this council will be discussing it.

He said it's also a time to find the best way the school system and city can partner together.

"I think it's going to be the jumping off point," he said, "and the mayor's office will make some recommendations about how we can solve the problem, if we can in fact partner with the schools to solve that." He added that it's time to start exploring what the right answers are to those questions.

"Our top priority is we need more pool space. And I think our number two priority is we need to do it with our school system," commented city council president, Tommy Overcash. "We're looking forward to picking the one [option,] and working with Taylor [Edge] and Paul [Finley.]"

Overcash added that wherever this first step toward attacking the need for more water in Madison leads, they need the community to buy in.

"I think that was one of the missing aspects last time, was we didn't have as much community involvement in the path we were taking," he said.

The council will hear Edge's presentation on Monday, and it's expected to spark a discussion. The city still owns the designs for the former rec center proposal, and that may also be a part of the discussion.

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