Health Matters: Personal trainers do the thinking for you

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People work crazy hard these days.   Keeping up with a personal training regiment on top of everything else can seem almost impossible.

Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center Program Director Kevin Ready says a personal trainer can do the thinking for you.

"If you don't want to think about your workout ... if you need some accountability ... for some people it motivates them just to have the appointment."

Also, a personal trainer makes sure the workout sessions don't become routine and dull.  That prevents the person from working out from getting in a rut. For examples, you can use a Bosu ball and weighted basketball for workouts.

Getting in shape is a "one day at a time" process.   Keeping an open mind so the trainer can help you is the best approach.  Personal trainers will learn your strength and weaknesses. They will also learn what and how you are motivated.

Kevin Ready says "Many people have their idea (about trainers) from television, or that they are in your face drill sergeants.  But really, the trainer is your partner in health.  They get to know what your unique health concerns and orthopedic considerations are, and then work with you on your goals."

If you want more information about personal trainers, you can call the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center at 256-265-7100.


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