Athens Family asks for donations for daughter suffering from scoliosis

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ATHENS, Ala. – There is no doubt about it. Shannon Haggermaker's  love for her daughter Jordan has no boundaries.

Her 14-year-old daughter is dealing with something that a mom just can't fix scoliosis. It's a condition that causes the spine to curve, something people live with everyday. "The majority of scoliosis patients when they reach bone maturity their curve stops curving, but Jordan's doesn't", Shannon Hagermaker said.

Jordan has Idiopathic Scoliosis; Shannon said there's some signal in her brain that tells the spine to keep curving. "It`s awful. I`m her mother. I can`t stop it, I can`t fix it. I should be able to and I can`t," Haggermaker said.

Shannon said four and a half years ago she noticed something wrong with Jordan's back and took her to the doctor. She said the spine has curved much more now. "When the twist happens in the spinal cord, it turns her rib cage and her ribs are actually on her back and under her breast bone", Hagermaker.

Jordan said some days it's really hard. She said it's hard to get out of the bed. Jordan has had to give up sports and is now home schooled because she was missing too many days.

Shannon said they've tried everything to help Jordan. She has worn a back brace and has even had brain training to correct the curve. Shannon said nothing has worked.

There is still hope, but the options come with a high price tag and risk. One option is a special surgery that could cost up to $400,000; the other would require rods being put in. Shannon said rods are too risky.

"They would have to cut though all of the muscle all the tissue, they would put 59 screws on each side of her back and attach two steel rods. She would lose 50% of her mobility, she has a 25% chance of going blind", Haggermaker said.

Haggermaker said those were just a few of the side effects, which is why the family has started a "You Caring" page to raise funds to have a special surgery. Their goal is to raise $70,000; that's how much is needed for the doctors just to perform the surgery; again the entire surgery could cost up to $400,000.

Shannon said Doctor Randel Betz and his team out of New Jersey are the only ones who can perform this surgery. If you would like to donate click here.

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