US Space & Rocket Center switches date of annual project to honor John Glenn’s legacy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - On February 20 of each year, the US Space & Rocket Center invites guests to make a Friendship 7 bracelet in honor of the first manned orbit around earth on February 20, 1962.

"Friendship 7 was the name of John Glenn's capsule that he went in during the Mercury program," Manager of Museum Education Joseph Vick said.

On Friday, the day after legendary astronaut John Glenn died, visitors spent the day making the Friendship 7 bracelets. Now, his life and legacy lives on around the world, especially through bright-eyed space camp students like Sophia Brohl.

"I've always wanted to go and, like, be an astronaut," Brohl said. "I've seen it, and I see how cool everything is."

Now, the fifth grader will share Glenn's story with her friends and family in Costa Rica, starting with this: "He was the oldest man in space and the first US man to orbit the earth," Brohl said.

While standing at the Friendship 7 bracelet table on Friday, Vick listed several of the many ways we will all remember Glenn.

"He is an American hero, being that he served in our military," Vick said. "He is a NASA hero for making the world going around, being that first American to orbit the earth. He is a statesman, a politician, he was All-American doing what he loved best. He was a father,he was a husband, he was what we should all look up to."