Forecasts and rumors: December’s weather gets more interesting by the day

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Huntsville stayed below freezing for twelve hours from Thursday night to Friday morning, and we get another long period of subfreezing weather tonight: below freezing from around 6 PM Friday to around 9 AM Saturday.  Actual low temperatures range from 18ºF in the cold spots to around 25ºF in the middle of town by sunrise.

Saturday and Sunday look like typically-cool early December days.  Look for a lot of sunshine both days; temperatures climb to the mid-40s Saturday with a light east wind, but it’ll get a little milder under a mostly sunny sky Sunday: highs 52-57ºF with a light southeast breeze.

Planning to be out Saturday evening?

Moving Forward in December: Be careful when looking at what’s ‘normal’ for December!  Our normal in December is that there isn’t a real ‘normal.’  The average high is 53.4ºF, and the average low is 34.4ºF; however, that’s just the middle of the extremes.

We can have highs in the low-80s (81ºF in 1956 is the warmest on record), and we can have lows as cold as -3ºF (December 22-23, 1989).  Wild swings in the weather make it tough to gauge/estimate precise conditions on a given day beyond days four and five on the Seven Day Forecast.  So, as you make plans, plan on forecast adjustments.

What we expect for next week: The week starts warm: highs in the 60s on Monday and Tuesday with some rain in the area.  Just because it’s warming up does not mean we will have severe weather; in fact, there is very little fuel for thunderstorms to work with early next week.

Over-all rainfall looks to be around a half-inch (most of us) to as much as 1.25” (a few spots here and there) from Monday to Wednesday.  The majority of that rain comes Monday morning.

Another surge of very cold air blows in on Wednesday evening setting up much colder weather (similar to the chill we have in place now) for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week.

After that, it starts getting murky.  Very murky.  You will hear rumors of snow, ice, and severe weather floating all over social media for the next two weeks.  The best advice: if you don’t hear it from a reputable source (someone with skin in the game and a reputation to uphold), don’t put much faith in it.

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They’re always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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