Florence High School students record and produce Christmas CD

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FLORENCE, Ala. - Several students at Florence High School are living their dream right now. Recording Arts students have released their very first full length CD just in time for Christmas.

120916-ld-high-school-christmas-cd-1It’s unconventional, but it’s working at Florence High School. The sound of electric guitar and drums spread through the hallways of the high school. Zane Bowling and his band mates of Electric Zen are actually in class while they practice their craft.

“It’s really cool to come into school and do what you love,” stated Bowling. “Used to when I would go into school I would, like do work all day. And when I come in here, it’s not like a class, it’s two hours of doing what I like.”

The Florence Academy of Fine Arts gives dozens of creative students an outlet to showcase their talents. Those talents have been captured on CD.

“They learned how to do this, and they are learning how to do this. This is a tribute to them because they did a wonderful job,” said FAFA Director Jerry Foster.

120916-ld-high-school-christmas-cd-3They have a little bit of everything on the FAFA Family and Friends Christmas CD. Foster said the varying styles will entertain the opera fan all the way to the rhythm and blues enthusiast.

Shoals music professionals lent their talents to help the students put this together.

“We have too many talented people with too many ways of creating their own music, let’s rejoice with the diversity,” Foster explained.

Foster said, if you don’t like something on this CD, you just flat don’t like Christmas music.

The FAFA Family and Friends Christmas CD is available at the school through next Friday. They said it makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and costs just $10. Proceeds go to benefit the FAFA program at Florence High School.