Space Heaters can be a fire hazard

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MADISON, Ala.  - As the temperature drops, everyone will be taking the necessary steps to stay warm.  People will be cranking up their thermostat and possibly bringing out the space heater.

Emergency Operations and Logistics officer for Madison Fire and Rescue David Glassman said if people decide to use space heaters they need to keep them three feet away from anything that's flammable; like a couch.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International said heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires in the United States.  It's data revealed 65,000 homes catch fire each year because of heating equipment.

Glassman also suggests that people should turn off their space heater if they leave the room it's in.  Space heaters aren't the only fire hazards during the cold months.  He said people should not use stoves to stay warm and be cautious of using candles. "Make sure if you are using candles they are out before you go to sleep, or before you leave," Glassman said.


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