Madison Fire & Rescue demonstrate how fast a dry, live tree can catch fire

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MADISON, Ala. - If you ask any Christmas Tree farmer, they may warn you of the dangers of a live Christmas tree, but if you take care of it-- it's safe.

"There's nothing wrong with live trees just as long as you keep them water and them moist as long as you can," said Madison Fire and Rescue's Emergency Operations and Logistics officer, David Glassman.

Glassman explained that a dry, live Christmas tree can catch on fire many ways, but most of the time it's from an electrical source like Christmas tree lights or from being placed near a heat source. Today, The Madison Fire and Rescue fire department proved their point by hosting a live demonstration on how quickly a minor electrical issue can cause not only a tree, but an entire room to go up in a matter of seconds.

WHNT News 19's Christine Mitchell and Aaron Cantrell were live on Facebook during the demonstration. You can watch that live video below.

Flames ripped through the makeshift room,  and in less than a minute it was fully engulfed. Glassman said temperatures from the fire reached over 1,000 degrees. He hopes the community will keep their tree well-watered, at least twice a day, and watch the demonstration of the tree to learn from it.

"When you go to bed at night or leave the house any tree, artificial or real, make sure it's unplugged," Glassman said.



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