Be aware of telephone scams if you’re in the Jackson County area

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - When most people pick up the phone to answer a call, they're not thinking that they will be the next victim of a telephone scam. These scams are a yearly occurrence and a new one has made its way to Jackson County.

"They are calling the elderly people and saying that their grandson or granddaughter have either been in a wreck or been arrested and they have to send money to a certain location immediately to help them out," says Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

So far at least three people have fallen victim to these scams. The target is usually the elderly.

"They usually say it's a grandson or granddaughter that's off at school or off on a trip. Unfortunately the people don't think about it," says Chief Deputy Harnen. "Their hearts tell them to send the money, and they don't call them to make sure that they're okay before you send the money."

Chief Deputy Harnen says to double-check with the person they're saying needs the money before you send it and never send card information over the phone.

"Most of these scammers are from out-of-state or out of country, and there's really not a lot that we can do with them. Most places are places we cannot extradite from, so there's not much that we're going to be able to do about it."

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