Tuscumbia officers cleared by department in fatal shooting

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – Three Tuscumbia police officers have been cleared to return to work following a fatal shooting late last week. The officers were placed on paid administrative leave.

Gunshots rang out early Friday morning during a traffic stop in front of Fred’s Discount Store on Woodmont Drive.

Derek Scott (Photo: Tuscumbia Police Department)

Derek Scott (Photo: Tuscumbia Police Department)

Police Chief Tony Logan said officers were forced to shoot and kill Derek Lynn Scott after he shot at a deputy.

“I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the professionalism and the way the officers have handled it; the way they have shared with the important people and as well as the closeness of the officers involved,” said Logan.

Since the shooting, the three officers have gone through a shooting review board hearing and critical incident debriefing.

Chief Logan said the shooting review board concluded the officers followed department policy and cleared them to return to patrol.

“Everything that was observed in the shooting review board and then from the first phase of the stress debriefing — they felt like they were in a position that they should come back to work,” Logan explained.

Chief Logan said the officers will continue to be evaluated as they return to work, making sure there are no lasting effects from the traumatic incident they went through.

“We’ve learned through the years that the mental health aspect of this is very important,” said Logan.

The three officers will also be put through a firearms qualification course, to help with the mental aspect of shots being fired around them.

Department officials said the three officers should be back on patrol in the coming days.

The State Bureau of Investigation is still investigating the incident and will present their findings to the Colbert County District Attorney’s Office for review.