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Athens teacher’s passion helps set her students up for success

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ATHENS, Ala. - Ask anyone to Cowart Elementary School in Athens and they will tell you Hannah Cain has the ABC's of teaching down to a science.

Cowart Elementary School Principal Kim Moore is honored to have Miss Cain on staff.

"You have to be a special person to teach kindergarten because you don't sit down," said Moore.  "You are up, you are active all day and she is very much passionate, she is very innovative to try anything. She was one of the teachers I was just very excited to have her name mentioned as being awarded this honor."

Miss Cain couldn't believe she won! What did she say?  "Are you serious?"


Miss Cain won $319 for Cowart Elementary!

It's clear this teacher has a desire to see her students succeed.

"It's so awesome to watch them bloom every day because every day they are learning something new. It's very exciting and very rewarding," said Cain.

It's something she has dreamed of doing for quite some time.

"Even when I was little, I always stacked up my stuffed animals and liked to teach them with my baby dolls and animals," said Cain. "I wanted to teach from the very beginning."


Hannah Cain teaches kindergarten at Cowart Elementary in Athens.

Her family also served up some inspiration as well.

"My granddad was actually principal in Hartselle.  So, I got my motivation from him growing up. I wanted to follow in his footsteps," Cain added. "So I am very lucky that is what I have gotten to do."

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