Albertville Police: Two men die of carbon monoxide poisoning

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- In what police are calling an uncommon accident, two young men are dead from what officers believe to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

A mailbox holding untouched mail marks Colby Lang's home on Rose Road near Albertville. Across from it is where police found his body. "Right now, what we believe is going to be an accidental death,  of two young men due to carbon monoxide poisoning," Albertville Police Assistant  Chief Jamie Smith said.

Lang and another young man identified as Shelton Box were found in a vehicle in the driveway. "The switch was on in the vehicle like the car was sitting there running and had run out of gas, no signs of foul play, no injuries apparent to either one of them, and they both had classic signs of carbon monoxide poisoning," Smith explained.

Smith says the vehicle was sitting in the open air with the windows up. "Just a guess right now, probably some kind of mechanical problem with the car as far as the exhaust off of the engine seeping someway into the passenger compartment," he says.

Albertville officers do see cases of this, but they're rare. Smith cautions residents to be aware of the situations that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. "We're coming up on some cold weather, there's a chance we could lose power," Smith says, "A gas engine on a generator will put off carbon monoxide . Vehicles obviously, leaving a vehicle running in a closed in environment, a garage.  Open the garage door. Crack a window. Make sure you're getting some kind of fresh air."