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96 year old WWII Veteran relives the attack on Pearl Harbor

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - Enlisted very young and being in his first war at the age of 21, Eulas Shavers says he remembers the day vividly.

"When the war started, we were out on patrol when all this calamity happened."

Shavers was in the Navy and Pearl Harbor was the port they were monitoring, and then the Japanese hit.

"When we got the word, it was all kind of commotion with the boys aboard ship," said Shavers.  "Some of them was crying, hollering, praying, cursing and all of that kind of stuff."

Shavers says the attack came out of nowhere, and they had no clue that this day would lead the U.S. into another World War.  "It was a bunch of them that said 'oh this won't last but for a couple of weeks' with the Japanese. But he was so wrong."

He says the port was gruesome, a sight he could never forget.

"The stench of the blood of the human beings there and the ships, the ones that didn't get out, were all messed up."

Shavers says events commemorating this day and the veterans involved is a great thing.

"It's fantastic. The things that they have built out here in commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day."

When asked how it feels to be honored, he humbly replied, "We were just doing what we were sent out to do, that's it."

A commemorative wreath was placed in Little River Falls in honor of those veterans.