Disaster relief efforts help storm victims have a better Christmas

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DECATUR, Ala. - Many families impacted by the tornadoes and wildfires that swept through the Tennessee Valley are facing tough uncertainties in many areas of their lives.

One might have to do with what they're going to do for Christmas and an organization in Morgan County wants to help.  Between Christmas shoe boxes filled with toys for children and Christmas decorations to make it feel like an 'at-home' Christmas, they're here to help.

"For them to try to come up with clothes, a place to live, everything else, furniture that goes in a house, and oh yes... it's Christmas," said UMC Disaster Relief Warehouse Director, Ray Crump.

The Disaster Relief Warehouse knows this is the dilemma families in Ider, Rosalie and Neel will face after having their homes destroyed by the tornadoes.

"We're looking for Christmas decorations because the people in these communities, their decorations are gone," said Crump.

Along with decorations, the warehouse is also collecting toys for children ages 6-12.

"We're not talking about Xboxes, we're not talking about iPhones or anything like that because these kids don't need that right now," said Crump. "What they need is love and to know they're not forgotten."

And what they can't forget are the families in Gatlinburg. In addition to the families here in the Tennessee Valley, the organization will also deliver supplies and decorations to Gatlinburg.

If you would like to physically donate pre-lit Christmas trees, toys or Christmas decorations, you can do so at 3220 Hwy 31 South, Decatur, AL 35603.

If you rather send your donations by mail, you can send them to P.O. Box 1133, Decatur, AL 35602.

The deadline to donate is December 15th.

UMC Disaster Relief Warehouse